Free - Hand And Body Wash From TO112

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$ 13.00
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Made with the rich and nourishing blend of tamanu and coconut bind to offer superior moisture while cleansing all skin types.

Enrich your skin's surface and your soul. Tamanu, olive and coconut oils make this luxurious hand and body formula delicate while creating supple, smooth skin. Tamanu oil is long recognized as a beauty aid which encourages a youthful complexion and help to relieve skin ailments,


Cleanse, balance and uplift the body, mind and spirit with the scents of citrus, lavender and sage encourage the relief of worry and establish positivity for the body,


Free has been charged with the potent sound frequency, 528 Hertz, known as the frequency of love. The cherished 528 hz frequency encourages DNA repair and improves health by bringing balance and love to your hair and body with every use.

Free of SLS, DEA and parabens. Cruelty-free. Made in Canada


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