Gem Remedy Crystal Healing Bracelets-Health and Protection

$ 38.00
$ 38.00

Inspired by the Native American's use of gemstones in natural healing, designer Dana Schmalenberg has created a line of bracelets to promote spiritual wellness. Mixing high quality gemstones and crystals on silk cord, these bracelets are a wonderful addition to your spiritual practice. Adjustable to fit most wrists. 

Health and Protection bracelet is made with garnets and amethysts: balancing the crown chakra and calming the nervous system.

Confidence and Stability bracelet is made with labradorite and peridot: infusing confidence and stability while strengthening intuition.

Attracting Love bracelet is made with amber, rose quartz and garnet: opening your heart at all levels to promote self-love, love, friendship and peace.

Building the Immune System bracelet is made with lapis lazuli, bloodstone and amethyst: bringing harmony to your system and protecting against the harmful effects of stress. 

A beautiful gift for your spiritual soulmate. 

Proceeds support women's shelters in Los Angeles County.

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