Hand Dyed Tzitzit Bracelet

$ 35.00
Two Red
Two Blue
One of Each
$ 35.00

The tzitzit bracelet is made of 100% wool, hand-dyed with organic indigo which looks like the 'tekhelet', the blue mentioned in the old testament that represents the skies and the seas. The red bracelets are made from the madder plant.   

The strings are tied according to the ancient traditions of our forefathers, five double knots with seven coils in the first space, eight in the second, eleven in the third, and thirteen in the fourth. These 39 coils have the same numerical value as "Hashem Echad" — G‑d is One.

Suzanne has tied and wound the strings with the appropriate blessings and intentions of the heart. Each piece is unique and handmade. Adjustable sizing. 


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