Hunter Soy Candle with Wasabi and Cucumber

$ 30.00
$ 30.00
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Papas Pipe. This beautiful soy candle is made with unique organic fragrance of wasabi, cucumber and tobacco and comes in a beautiful brown glass container. Light and love.

Hunter Soy Candles was created to signify a light of hope, to encourage, influence, support and raise awareness. Each Hunter Co. product has a purpose, while some are a platform to educate on culture, combined they all contribute to the well-being of our future. 

They believe it is just as important to provide support to small local businesses and artisans within Australia and abroad who have a similar concept or ethical service as it is for us to provide sustainable products and we encourage other businesses to do the same. If they can prevent contributing to the harmful damages that take place on earth, the health of our future and planet is no longer a myth, it becomes a possibility. 

Our aim is to provide quality sustainable products by utilising organic and recycled materials in order to contribute as an environmentally friendly business while helping to raise awareness on the many unfortunate factors of poverty, wildlife endangerment, cultural issues and climate change. 

For every candle that is purchased through Hunter Soy Candles, it enables us to help those in need by contributing 15% of our monthly proceeds directly on resources to help make a difference for our future and generations to come. 

Our future and it's generations depend on how we choose to live today

16.9 OZ.


  • Burn time 80hr +/-

  • 100% natural pure soy

  • Doubled lead free hemp wicks

  • Hand pressed fragrances made from raw organic materials

  • No Additives

  • Environmentally free

  • Cruelty free 



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