Matcha Tea Ceremony 3 Piece Set

$ 29.99
$ 29.99

The perfect set for your Matcha drinking. This 3-piece Matcha set comes with a ceramic Matcha bowl, a Matcha whisk (chasen) and a bamboo spoon for the perfect measure every time. Makes the perfect housewarming or birthday gift for that spiritual loved one.

How to use:

-We recommend sifting your Matcha powder first for a better brew, and moisten your whisk or chasen with warm water to soften it.

-Place 1 level spoon of Matcha powder into your tea bowl

-Pour in bowling water just below top

-Use your chasen (whisk) to quickly whisk the Matcha in direction of a "W", making a frothy lather. 

Bowl: 3.3 x 1.1" (L x D) 

Whisk: Approx. 4"

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