Matcha Tea Brewing Kit from Matchaeologist

$ 70.00
$ 70.00

Take your daily ritual to the next level with this matcha tea kit.  All of the essentials from Matchaeologist in a beautiful, reusable tin. Contains their signature artisanal matcha tea- Matsu, a whisk (Full-Hand Chasen), matcha bowl (Cloud Glass Chawan), and the portioning spoon(Glass Chashaku) allowing one to partake in the ancient ceremony in a modern fashion.

The matcha Brewing Kit makes an essential gift not only to honor oneself but for wedding or housewarming.


Matsu Matcha: Refrigerate after opening for maximum flavor and strength

Cloud Glass Chawan: Dishwasher-safe

Glass Chashaku: Rinse underwater by hand after each use. Please handle with care at all times.

Full-Hand Chasen: Rinse underwater by hand after each use. Dry in a well-circulated area using stand provided


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