Root Chakra Essential Oil Room Spray

$ 13.00
$ 13.00

A soothing essential oil room spray made from 100% organic ingredients. Perfect for your home, workout or meditation space, body and even on yoga mats. 

The root chakra is known as the first chakra. It is located at the bottom of the spine. These essential oils are carefully chosen as a blend in order to share an experience.

The cedar atlas oil helps to ground while the cypress oil helps to move the Qi (energy) through the body. The frankincense oil helps to connect the root and crown chakra while helping to soothe and calm the body. The ylang-ylang oil helps to release imbalances and issues with the root chakra that may be causing anxiety and fear.

  • Ingredients: 100% Natural / Organic Ingredients - USDA Approved Essential Oils
  • Organic Essential Oils: Cedar Atlas (Cedarwood), Cypress, Frankincense & Ylang Ylang
  • Amber PET Glass Bottle

Great for meditation and relaxation. 


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