Rose Facial Toner

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$ 14.00
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This gentle, alcohol free Rose Facial Toner is made from Witch Hazel distillate that is both Vegan & Kosher Certified. Witch hazel is high in tannins which can help to reduce swelling. Its extract is an astringent to tighten and firm skin and reduces the appearance of pores. Witch hazel can also clean up excess oil/dirt from pores without drying it out.  

This Rose Water Toner was created for individuals with more dry skin rather than oily.

4 oz. bottle, vegan and kosher skincare

To use: Pour a tiny amount on a cotton ball and wipe face in a circular and upward motion paying special attention to blemishes and dry patches. Use again if your skin is especially dirty or dry. Use after cleansing and apply moisturizer if needed afterwards. Keep away from mucous membranes and eyes. Great as a quick cleanser if washing your face with soap and water was not an option.

Rose and Peppermint Water, Witch Hazel, Kosher Vegetable Glycerine





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