Sacred Wand No.3 Smudge Stick by Age of Earth

$ 16.00
$ 16.00
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Clarity. Love. Positivity. Awareness
Purify the mind, body and home with Sacred Wand smudging sticks by Age of Earth.  Smoke cleansing (smudging) expels negative energy and invites positive vibrations.  This blend contains:
Rosemary-promotes clarity, love & healing
Lavender-offers protection, promotes love & healing
Sweetgrass- invites positivity
Mugwort- brings protection from the planets & stars, promotes intuition
Intend, burn and light.

Age of Earth Collective offers a unique line of intricate fragrances, encapsulating incense blends, and botanical-derived skincare remedies with the intention of rekindling the harmonious relationship between the mind, body, & spirit. Located in the whimsical Pacific Northwest, each product is made by channeling elements of nature that surround each moment. 

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