TribeTats 'Words To Live By' Metallic Temporary Tattoo Designs

$ 10.00
$ 10.00

This collection of words is inspired by the some of the most popular script temporary tattoos and lettering artist Ricardo Gonzalez (founder of It's A Living) has collaborated with TribeTats to make this collection. One full sheet of 21 tattoos including feel-good sayings and exclusive designs.

These metallic tattoos include inspirational words in script in colors of gold, rose gold, silver, and black temporary tattoo designs.  Show off your spiritual side with these boho temporary tattoos from TribeTats.  

How to apply:  Fold and tear along perforation lines to separate desired tattoo.  Remove the plastic protective film.  Place printed side down, and hold down with a wet cloth for 30 seconds or until tattoo adheres to skin.  Peel off and allow to dry.  Flaunt your spiritual self with these boho-chic temporary tattoos. 

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